Solid State Lithium Batteries (SSLB)

The Opportunity

Increased reliance on handheld and wearable electronic devices and sensors enabling the Internet of Things (IoT) has created an ever-expanding need for portable power. As devices get smaller and more powerful, they require safe, low-cost, long-lasting, flexible microbatteries.

The Innovation

ITN’s flexible all solid-state lithium battery is “printed” on light, flexible plastic film and fiber, enabling power for small and incredibly thin applications. It eliminates the need to design products around standard bulky batteries.

ITN's SSLB boasts the highest energy density of any battery technology, which means that our batteries provide a lot of power at an extremely light weight. ITN’s solid-state battery has:

  • High cycle life- greater than 100,000 cycles (outliving most devices)
  • High energy density- 250 Wh/l means lots of energy in a tiny space
  • Thin flexible form factor conforms to end product shape and size
  • Safe- Nonflammable
  • Long shelf life

The Vision

ITN’s SSLB enables new applications, creating new markets in wearable devices, medical implants, and aerospace and military sensor applications.