Core Capabilities

ITN’s core technological competencies arise from our experience with thin-film multilayer devices, nanotechnology, and high-volume roll-to-roll manufacturing enhanced by intelligent process controls. From the beginning, ITN established a culture and process to support efficient commercialization of emerging and clean technologies with emphasis on tackling core manufacturing challenges.

Core capabilities include:

Advanced Materials and Processes

  • Thin film processing of solid-state multilayer device structures
  • Nanoscale engineered materials and patterned devices
  • Flexible electronics
  • Engineered polymers and ceramics

Energy Devices and Clean Technology

  • Energy generation
    • Solar, fuel cells, and energy harvesting (plasmonics)
  • Energy storage (i.e., batteries)
  • Energy efficiency
    • Window films (active and passive)

Integrated Systems for Clean Technology

  • Complete system design and implementation
  • Integrated sensor and controls for autonomous operation
  • Integration of multiple functions
    • Combination of energy generation, storage, and control electronics

Roll to Roll Processing with Intelligent Process Controls

  • Unique high-volume, low-cost manufacturing platform
  • Custom vacuum tool design and fabrication
  • Process optimization and scale up
  • Closed-loop sensor-based controls to maintain product quality over long runs
  • Monolithic integration into devices

Technology Commercialization

  • From laboratory to fabrication
    • Manufacturability a primary concern from day 1
    • Extensive infrastructure and strong technology team to rapidly develop and commercialize technology
  • From technology to marketplace
    • Enabling technology solutions to create market pull, cost modeling, and strategic partnerships