Redox Flow Batteries

The demand for electricity never exactly matches the supply -- especially as more of the world turns to clean renewable energy sources like wind and solar for power production. Batteries can store the electricity until it's needed, but until now battery costs have been too high.

The Innovation

ITN’s redox flow battery combines multiple innovations to achieve the electrical energy storage performance and economy required for worldwide adoption for power grids, microgrids (rural electrification), and renewable energy power distribution. These innovations include:

  • Increased power density—More power available from smaller units
  • Material advances for better performance and lower cost
    • Next generation membrane
    • Metallic and organic electrolyte chemistries
  • Safety—Non-flammable components

The Vision

ITN’s affordable RFB provides the missing link between energy supply and demand by catering to the following applications:

  • Backup power—replace diesel generators
  • Peak shaving—energy arbitrage & reduce demand charges
  • Renewable integration—increase adoption solar and wind
  • Ancillary services—black start, spinning reserves, frequency regulation
  • T&D deferral—reduce capex investment on Transmission and distribution assets
  • Bulk storage—peaker plant replacement

By making large-scale, long-life energy storage affordable, ITN is paving the way for a clean energy future for the entire planet. To commercialize this technology, ITN recently spun off Storion Energy, Inc. For more information about products and technology, visit the Storion Energy website.