Medical Devices

The Opportunity

Current medical technologies have the capability to assess and improve health through monitoring the body in real-time. The most efficient and useful applications of medical sensors are implants that monitor the body from within. But to be effective, sensors need to be ultra-sensitive and have adequate power to function for the life of the patient. Today's technology falls short of these essentials.

The Innovation

ITN used their unique expertise in optical-based sensors, nanoscale electronics, brain monitoring, computational and time-series analysis, and neuroscience to design, fabricate and use a revolutionary optical-based non-contact sensor for continuous monitoring of applications such as brain electrophysiology.

The Vision

Low-cost implantable sensors to scan neural and physiological functions, combined with long-life batteries than can be recharged by built-in energy harvesting will revolutionize healthcare. Problems can be diagnosed quickly and managed effectively with minimal impact on the patient.