Low-e Window Films

The Opportunity

Buildings use 40% of the energy consumed in industrial countries, and may have an even larger impact in the developing world. Much of this energy is spent managing heat and light to maintain a comfortable internal environment for occupants. Over 50% of commercial buildings today still only have single pane windows.

The Innovation

ITN’s Infrared Reflectance (IRR) low-e film improves on state-of-the-art window energy management when used by itself or in combination with ITN’s dynamic electrochromic (EC) window film. ITN has developed a suite of cost-effective window films to dramatically reduce energy lost through windows. These films provide an inexpensive solution that can be retrofit to existing windows or applied to curved glass surfaces after fabrication.

The Vision

Affordable, low-e film on flexible substrates offer the opportunity to drastically reduce global energy usage of commercial and residential buildings. ITN's low cost, versatile product removes the barriers to application within both new construction and existing buildings.