Fuel Cells

The Opportunity

Conventional electric generators which rely on inefficient combustion and require specific fuel, e.g. coal, natural gas, oil, and diesel, are loud, and create pollution. Fuel cells generate electricity quietly and without harmful emissions directly from hydrogen and other cleaner fuel sources.


The Innovation

ITN’s solid oxide fuel cell technology uses cleaner, renewable fuel sources to electrochemically create electricity. Rather than burning the fuel as in a traditional engine, fuel cells directly convert the fuel through electrochemical reactions. This process is much more efficient than combustion, converting more of the fuel to electricity and reducing CO2 generation. It gives customers fuel flexibility and provides clean, reliable power.

ITN’s innovations include:

  • Improved stack design enabling a better performing, longer lasting, more reliable system
  • Reduced operating temperature to decrease energy losses
  • Matched stack components to reduce stress damage from thermal expansion
  • Reduced stack mass
  • Enhanced stack sealing
  • Next-generation materials to reduce clogging and anode degradation, and
  • Reduced operating temperatures and lower cooling requirements.

The Vision

ITN's fuel cells are becoming cost-competitive with diesel generators, enabling a new generation of efficient and quiet portable power production for military, industrial, and consumer use.