Water Filtration Membranes

The Opportunity

Water purification membranes are useful in a number of applications. But membranes traditionally suffer from high cost, low flux, fouling, and poor durability. Low flux means that high pressures must be applied, which requires huge amounts of energy. These problems prevent economical water purification solutions for residential, commercial, industrial, and large utility applications.

The Innovation

ITN has developed membranes that outperform current state of the art membranes:

  • Excellent selectivity (passing water while rejecting contaminants)
  • High water flux (high water flow rate without high pressure requirements)
  • Anti-fouling chemistry (extended operating times without clogging)
  • Durability (long lifespan without leaking, breaking, or losing functionality)
  • Low cost

The Vision

Affordable high-performance separation membranes used across multiple industries enable economical water purification, significant reduction in energy expenditures, and reduced costs for separation processes.