Water Desalination Systems

The Opportunity

Worldwide demand for water purification capability has skyrocketed due to:

  • Fresh water scarcity (climate change, drought)
  • Population growth
  • Industrial expansion
  • Contamination of surface water (pollution)
  • Government regulation (tougher clean water standards)

Currently there is no effective solution for distributed water purification to meet this growing demand where there is no centralized infrastructure.

The Innovation

Combining proven filtration technology with built-in solar power and energy storage, ITN has developed an efficient and affordable modular system for water purification. These systems can be easily installed in any location, including areas that have no power grid or public water systems.

ITN's water purification systems can provide drinking water to military bases, small villages, remote industrial sites, scientific outposts, and wilderness encampments at an economical cost.

The Vision

ITN's water purification systems allow people to thrive where it has not been possible before. By giving users affordable access to clean water from local sources, ITN's system removes one of the biggest environmental barriers to prosperous habitation.